When you have an urgent need for money, gold loans are the right choice. You can get the money you need without having to sell the asset. However, it is important to understand all aspects of a gold loan. Not being mindful in this direction means mistakes could lead to costly consequences later. The information we dish out here is intended for individuals who are interested in an online or over-the-counter gold loan. We explain how avoiding certain simple mistakes could help you get the best gold loan without hassle. So, here are the top mistakes to avoid. Read on—

  • Not reading between the lines when it comes to the interest rate:- Companies offering online and over-the-counter gold loans will often attempt to attract clients through marketing campaigns. You may find them offering attractive interest rates and hiding the additional fees. It is possible to believe that the advertised rate is the final rate and apply for the loan. These additional charges will become apparent when you begin repaying the amount. So, do some research and find out if there are hidden charges applicable.
  • Not paying attention to the loan terms:- Most customers won’t bother to read all the fine print terms and conditions that are small in the font. They will instead sign the document blindly so that they don’t waste their time reading. If you have this habit, it could result in you having to pay more interest than usual. The interest rate on some gold loans might increase after a certain period. Trustworthy finance companies will tell customers about all such conditions. They will also let customers know what gold loan options they can choose from so that the best option can be selected as per need. However, your lender might not observe such transparency. So, being cautious is key.
  • Choosing a longer tenure for repayment:- Customers will often choose a longer repayment time to reduce their monthly EMI. They mostly do this to manage their monthly budgets and to avoid instalments from hindering them. It will, however, lead to higher overall interest payment. Avoid this if possible.
  • Not being aware of the auction terms:- If the repayments are not made on time, the finance company has the authority to sell the gold asset. Hence, before applying for the gold loan, you should carefully review the auction terms. Make sure the lending company has a systematic way of dealing with this. That will allow the customer to be notified well before the auction, so they have time to arrange for the money. For more information about the auction procedure for gold, you can contact the authority at your chosen financial institution. If you prefer to apply online for a gold loan, make sure that you go through all the conditions on the lender’s site.
  • Not being sure if the lending company is customer friendly:- The company you intend to borrow from should offer client-centric services. You must feel confident that they will be there to assist you in any way you need. Approach only a trusted entity that will also provide excellent after-sales service.

So, now you know that one should always get loans from reliable finance firms. And it’s also important to make sure that the lending company has a reputation for providing customer-centric services, as well as high-interest rates. In addition, they should offer simple processes and gold loan online options.

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